The Africa Initiative at Washington University in St. Louis was established in 2018  to document the University’s formal and informal programs in Africa and to determine the level of interest in expanding and/or creating additional programs and initiatives. The Initiative is an interdisciplinary endeavor committed to expanding knowledge and creating teaching, learning, and cultural opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. Washington University has programs and initiatives in over 36 countries in Africa, focusing on research, education, and innovation. The Africa Initiative works to create a framework to support and or strengthen these current engagements, build capacity and create opportunities for future collaborations.

Our charge is to create a strategic framework to enhance Washington University’s impact and programmatic efforts on the Africa continent, in terms of research, teaching, advisory, and entrepreneurship.

Our Core Responsibilities

  1. Support faculty and student research focused on the Africa continent;
  2. Help establish formalized institutional relationships between Washington University and collaborative partners on the Africa continent;
  3. Enhance engagement through workshops, roundtables, and conferences at Washington University and on the Africa continent with our partners.