Language as a Conveyor of Culture: The Case of Borrowed Vocabulary in Kiswahili

November 16, 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Iribe Mwangi, PhD
Chairman, Department of Kiswahili, The University of Nairobi

The bearer of culture is language. Through language, a people’s way of life is passed either to a different generation or a different group. This presentation argues that by studying lexical items borrowed and adapted into Kiswahili from foreign languages, it is possible to identify aspects of foreign cultures that have been adapted by Kiswahili speakers and to show that such aspects have become part of their way of life.

Discussion following Mwangi’s remarks will be moderated by his Washington University colleague, Mungai Mutonya, Teaching Professor of African & African-American Studies. This program is part of Washington University’s Africa Speaks series, presented in partnership with The Africa Initiative.

This event will take place virtually on Brown School’s Open Classroom. Please note, registration will close at the end of day the day prior to the event date.