Samuel Achilefu, PhD

Health and Human Development, Education and Training, Capacity Development, Medical and Cancer Imaging, Drug Development

Dr. Samuel Achilefu developed the best eyewear in medicine for treating cancer. As the director of the Optical Radiology Laboratory at Washington University’s School of Medicine, he designed “cancer goggles” to help doctors see cancerous tumors and remove more of them from a patient. The special eyewear allows surgeons to see a special dye that has been injected into the tumor so that no stray tumor cells remain after surgery.

He is also collaborating with physicians at several Nigerian institutions to enhance medical and cancer imaging capabilities. Dr. Achilefu, who is the Michel M. Ter-Pogossian Professor of Radiology, is a native of Nigeria and was awarded the prestigious St. Louis Award for his contributions to the community in 2015.



Goals & Impact

Revolutionize cancer surgery through the design and development of “cancer goggles.”