Leila Nadya Sadat

Human Development, Rule of law, International Criminal Court

Leila Nadya Sadat is the James Carr Professor of International Criminal Law and the Director of the Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute at the School of Law. She is an internationally recognized authority and prolific scholar of international law and human rights. Sadat has served as the Special Adviser on Crimes Against Humanity to the International Criminal Court Prosecutor since 2012, advising on issues related to crimes against humanity, including in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, and Uganda. Sadat is also working on a new convention on crimes against humanity and in February 2019 attended a conference at the Holocaust Centre in Johannesburg to promote African participation in the new treaty. 

She served as a faculty advisor to law students who completed externships at the former International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Tanzania.  She also attended the ICC Review Conference in Kampala, Uganda, at which the international Criminal Court Statute was amended to including the crime of aggression.



Democratic Republic of Congo

Côte d’Ivoire




South Africa



Goals & Impact

Promote democracy and human rights in Africa.