Sharlene Teefey, MD

Health and Human Development, Maternal Mortality, Fetal Mortality, Microfinance

Dr. Sharlene Teefey is a board member of Microfinancing Partners in Africa (MPA), a Saint Louis non-profit organization that works with impoverished women and their families to help lift them out of poverty through microfinancing. In addition, she runs a Safe Birth Project in Uganda in concert with MPA whose goal is to decrease maternal-fetal mortality and decrease the rate of fistula formation. Microfinancing has also been introduced to help the mothers pay for their health care.  Women who have undergone obstetric fistula repair are also a part of the project and are taught microfinancing through animal husbandry.




Republic of the Congo


Goals & Impact

Grow the quality of life and living standards for women who underwent fistula repair.